Assistance Audio Trailer Stage

Conceived in 2007, built and put into use in 2008. A smart, efficient way to put your event into motion. Single point source for stage, sound, and light services. All metal is aluminum, except for the hitch and axle. Small enough to tow behind a mid size car. Perfect for community events, and festivals. Also for weddings or corporate events with music. Goes from a small trailer to a19’6” x 14’ stage, with self contained canopy, sound system, and lights.

Single slope roof:
If the stage on right is what you use now you are familiar with the drawbacks. The front comes down so far that it is hard to use a proper height stage. Also the lighting is muted and sound is very closed in. With our stage all of these are eliminated. The sound is self contained, and the front truss is designed to hold the mid-high speakers. At almost 14’ tall in front, this makes for a better sounding show immediately. The people in back can hear better. The people in front are not as inundated. Also the musicians are not as affected by the main speakers. The lighting has plenty of room to hang, and more room to work without being in the performers eyes. Even in daylight the benefits of better lighting are obvious.

Leveling: With eighteen points for leveling and support. Other stages this size fit the terrain as it is. This stage level to over 14” variations. This makes for a better
looking event, and feel for musicians. It is also stronger, and much more stable, as the canopy and stage are interconnected as one structure.

Sound System: We use BMS mid-high drivers
for the main sound system. This means lots of
of clean, clear, dynamic sound is available from
two very lightweight horn/driver combinations.
The lows are built into the body of the trailer.
The result is no awkward stacks piled around
the canopy. Better sight, better sound.

Sound persons: Assistance Audio has the
best qualified personnel for community events.
We do sound for diverse events such as Brown
Bag Concerts, Living Traditions,and many other
festivals. This means that we work with many
types of music, instruments, and ethnic back-
grounds every year. We bring this wealth of ex-
perience to your event.

The Assistance Audio Stage is the epitome of efficiency. Lightweight, strong, mobile, multi-functional, stable. Added benefits are single delivery vehicle for multiple services. One crew for all tasks. Contact us to be part of your next event.